About Us

“Diversity” is a word that is very topical. It underpins a move towards a celebration of individuality. It celebrates humanity in all its richness and variety. It is about the empowerment of people to achieve equality, especially those whose needs and desires have not been addressed appropriately.

At Diversity we believe that fashion is for everyone whatever your age, size or culture. This is why Diversity Fashion is ‘Body Positive’, easy-fit, easy-care, high quality and on-trend.

At Diversity Fashion you will see a wide range of labels including their own which is designed and made in Bathurst NSW. It is Australian Made Certified and design by Mother/Daughter duo Jean and Amelia Hines. (photographed above)

Jean and Amelia have a broad range of qualifications and experience between them. Their qualifications include Fashion Design, Image Consulting, Fine Arts and Business Management. Their experience includes many years of bespoke dressmaking, manufacturing and fashion retail. From humble beginnings as artisans, their business has grown from market stalls to their thriving boutique in Bathurst.

Their designs are based on extensive research on fashion trends and first hand customer feedback. They have a keen understanding of fabric and cut. Diversity manufacturing is ethically based. Our clothes are made in Bathurst NSW.

Originally named ‘Belle Chemise’ the business name was changed to “Diversity” to better describe what they believe and what they do.

Jean and Amelia  have been operating this business for over 9 years now and hope enjoy your experience here and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.

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